Why Instagram Worked: Limitations Are Freeing

There are many reasons why Instagram worked: timing, mobile centric, the ‘limitations’ (iOS only), the design and logo were/are retro, warm, and appealing. But I think the primary reason Instagram worked were the filters. For the first time the masses like me, who’s only knowledge about photography is how to press the button, were able… Continue reading Why Instagram Worked: Limitations Are Freeing

Brighten Your iPhone’s Screen

On your iPhone main page click Settings>Brightness and then slide the button all the way to the right. You can also turn off “Auto Brightness” when you lay down to surf or read, to stop it from doing that annoying dimming when you’re trying to see things clearly. O.K., before you say I am insulting… Continue reading Brighten Your iPhone’s Screen

Tweet Your Iphone Videos Directly

Cool Iphone 3GS App to Upload and Tweet Your Videos straight from the phone. TweetReel. Check out Bwana’s Video Review of TweetReel: Related articles by Zemanta Now You Can Easily Upload Photos and Videos to Facebook by Email (insidefacebook.com) You can now email photos and video into Facebook (thenextweb.com) TwitVid video upload app released for… Continue reading Tweet Your Iphone Videos Directly