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Category: Cool Sites & Apps

  • Why Instagram Worked: Limitations Are Freeing

    There are many reasons why Instagram worked: timing, mobile centric, the ‘limitations’ (iOS only), the design and logo were/are retro, warm, and appealing. But I think the primary reason Instagram worked were the filters. For the first time the masses like me, who’s only knowledge about photography is how to press the button, were able […]

  • How to Find the Best Device in Every Tech Category

    In the market for a new Android phone and want to know which is the best? Or how about a new Wifi Router. This site, wirecutter.com is the perfect solution. It shows you the best product in every technology category. Great resource. Why not just post this link in Twitter and or Facebook? Well I […]

  • Useful Links and Sites

    13 Little Known Google Search Features NeatImage – A plug in for Aperture and Photoshop that allows you to shoot at higher ISO’s and then it gets rid of the unnecessary artifacts. FilterStorm – An iPhone App. $3.99. Great, intuitive photo editor for your iPhone. For instance if you have great shots that are too […]

  • Internet Shopping: Etsy.com Continues to Flourish

    On the heels of a recent report that Etsy, the ecommerce site known for “arts & crafts” is set to do $50,000,000 in revenues this year from a base of 7 million customers and over $400 million in transactions, I felt it would be good to write about it. I’ve heard about Etsy for years, […]

  • The Web Ain’t Dead. Blekko.com Has Come to Save It.

    blekko: how to slash the web from blekko on Vimeo. This is  a VERY cool, and very paradigm shifting new site: Blekko.com. I caught this on John Battelle’s Searchblog tonight, got a beta invite, played with if for a few minutes, caught on quick and already found tons of new cool things that I wouldn’t […]

  • Google Font Directory – Free Custom Fonts for You’re Webpage/Blog

    Many interesting things were announced today at Google’s annual I/O keynote and meeting. Google “Wave” is now open to the public with no invite necessary. That should attract more users and get some “network” effect going, making it a more useful service. Another little one, kind of under the radar, is the availability of some […]