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Category: Code

  • How to Fix a Spotify Embed That’s Too Tall or Stretches Too Far Down the Page

    I just released a new single last week, and when I created a new post about it, which included a Spotify embed of the single, even though the embed only contained two songs it stretched all the way down the page. When I google searched for a solution, I came to this page: Spotify embeds […]

  • How To Fix Access Denied Error On Twitter Follow Button

    If you haven’t installed the new code, it’s here: https://twitter.com/about/resources/buttons#follow Even if you have already done that, you may still get that error message instead of the button. What you need to do is clear your browser cache, and it will show up fine. On Chrome on Mac you click the Chrome menu button and select […]

  • How to Link Text in HTML

    OK, I know this is dumb. But mainly this post is for me. When I write things down, and especially in a public facing place like a blog, it helps me remember. Which goes to one of my tenants: A blog can simply be a repository of things you want to remember, and if that […]