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  • Making Sense of Rackspace Cloud Sites

    Since I’m offering Managed Cloud Hosting on the Rackspace Cloud platform (See Details Here), I thought I’d share this article explaining the benefits of putting your site or blog on it. This article is a reprint from this blog, WebhostingUnleashed.com Making Sense of Rackspace Cloud Sites by Cindy Waxer | Giving today’s leading cloud-computing vendors a good […]

  • I’m Reselling Rackspace Cloud Sites

    Mini Plan – $4.99/mo 1 GB Disk Space 10 GB Data Transfer Per Month 10 POP accounts 200 Compute Cycles Per Month* Up to 2 Domains per Account. Additional Bandwidth: As much as you need for 50¢ per GB Additional Storage: As much as you need for $1.00 per GB Additional Compute Cycles: As many as […]

  • Customize Your WordPress Page Tab Links

    How to customize where your page tab links to in wordpress? It’s easy. There’s a plug in called “Page Link To” you can download directly from your “add new plug-ins” panel inside of wordpress (just go to plugins in your dashboard and “Add New” and search for ‘Page Links To’) or visit their page here: […]

  • The Best Commenting Engine for Your Blog

    *Update 10/30/09 I’m changing my mind here. With Disqus‘s latest update I believe it is just as good or maybe even better. For one thing Disqus is more widespread which makes it by default more social. Also, Disqus has a webpage where all your comments are aggregated so that you can easily access them and […]

  • The #1 Skill Needed to Become a Successful Blogger

    THE ABILITY TO HIT THE PUBLISH BUTTON. That’s actually not a joke. That’s what Lockhart Steele, one of the most successful bloggers in the world just said on This Week in Startups #3. This ties in perfectly (oh there’s that dreadful word again) with the last post about the importance of getting it out there […]