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  • The Best Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Resources

    Nothing beats good, orginal content, but also nothing beats knowing that you are using the best techniques and procedures, for getting that content recognized, for inspiring you and your subconscious mind, to produce even more great, orginal content. When the bases are covered, the inspiration for hitting a homer increases. Your ego can be a […]

  • How to Position An Adsense Ad within a Widget

    So yesterday I was experimenting with some new themes and found one I liked that utilized those tall, thin “Skyscraper” Adsense ads. It had a left sidebar which I was looking for because I thought I read somewhere that the left side of the page is better on Google’s “heat map.” And then I read […]

  • An Easy Step To Increase Your Blog’s Exposure

    *Update 10/28/09 – You know something cool that I just noticed: The post you make on FriendFeed itself gets indexed on Google. Type into Google: Increasing Blog Exposure. My Friendfeed Post is No.1! At least as of now. That’s not a bad keyword to rank No.1 on. Now its not a direct link to this […]

  • How to Find Something To Blog About

    “Everything important always begins from something trivial.” – Donald Hall, Poet Laureate of the U.S. 2006 *Update 10/27/09 This is probably already in there or at least the sense of it is, but it was like today I had nothing to write about or at least that I was interested in. And I told myself, […]

  • Increase Visitor Length Time on Your Blog

    So, I’ve been reading Copyblogger lately and I highly suggest that you do too if you are interested in blogging professionally, and one thing I noticed that they do: At the end of their posts they usually have 4 or 5 Related article links, and I know that’s nothing new, but the key is they […]

  • An Easy Step to Increase Your Blog’s Authenticity

    Don’t you like information that’s simple, effective and that you can put to use right away? I thought so. Me too. Here’s one: Put your contact information clearly on the front page of your blog. Notice how Guy Kawasaki notes that most bloggers don’t! I said, “What?” And then I realized, although I have a “Contact” […]