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  • The iPhone Could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (9).

    Update 10/07/10 – It definitely could be just a bad USB port causing it. That same port that was causing this error for me is also crapping out every few seconds when I plug in a mouse. So that’s definitely what it was for me. I don’t know why or how USB ports can go […]

  • Great Resources for How to Use Twitter

    Update: 6/23/11 – How To Answer The Question “How Often Should I Tweet?”http://j.mp/kyTYGR http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/how-to-answer-the-question-how-often-should-i-tweet_b10529 I saw a tweet today by Chris Brogan called “50 Power Twitter Tips.” I want to remember this post and go back and read it often. As a side note about blogging: A lot of times I think of my blog as […]

  • Paul Thurrott Praising and Commenting on “Crush It!” by Gary Vaynerchuck

    Paul Thurrott on Crush It! and Gary Vanyerchuck Link to listen on iPhone I love Gary Vaynerchuck, his personality, his passion, what he’s done, and what he’s doing. So at the end of last week’s Window’s Weekly podcast #139 with Paul Thurott and Leo Laporte, I was excited to hear that his Audible recommendation was […]

  • 4 Keys To Adsense Success

    Traffic (Content) Relevancy of the Ads (SEO, Keywords, Good Copywriting?) Ad Placement (A fine art of being “clean but seen.” Too much in the way drives readers away. Not enough exposure, and they won’t get noticed. What’s the ideal answer here?) Design. Clean and professional. (Either you know good design and how to code it, […]

  • How to Put Space Before the First Paragraph in WordPress

        I searched and searched for this, how to put space before a beginning of a paragraph in WordPress, or in other words to skip a line or more before the first paragraph, and I couldn’t find anything that worked. It was so nerve wracking that something so simple could be complicated. I was […]

  • A Blogger’s Blue Print – Chapter 1

    Comment! Search for and visit sites and forums with topics that you are interested in. Read the posts, and make thoughtful, sincere comments. Of course put your name and site address in the comment form. This “puts you out there,” gets you exposure and drives traffic to your site. The better the comment, the more […]