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Category: Science

  • Why Aren’t We Being Visited by Time Travelers from the Future?

    This was Stephen Hawking’s famous question and or reasoning for why time travel must not be possible: For if it were, and since Einstein’s equations say that the Future already exists, then we should be flooded with ‘tourists’ all around us from some point in the future, when surely the technology will have been developed. […]

  • If Everything is Made of Atoms Who or What is Doing the Seeing?

    If everything is made of atoms, who is it that is doing the seeing, the feeling. Atoms don’t have eyes, so who or what is it that is doing the seeing? It’s striking how much that galaxy looks like an atom. Infinite Worlds above, Infinite Worlds below, and your wave function exists in all of […]

  • How Metaphysics and Physics are Coming Closer Together

    There’s always those quotes that bypass the Ego gate and strike a chord deep within what Jung might call your “Collective Unconscious,” and this was one of them for me. One reason this strikes me is that it seems to relate or come very close in a metaphysical way to the Physical Scientific Fact that […]

  • Quantum Wave Functions and Consciouness

    This is an interesting picture when you think about how in the main Quantum picture, it is consciousness that somehow “freezes” matter into a definite state, that matter “responds” to consciousness. And everyone has had that experience where something truly amazing, or at least what they want happens, when they “take their mind off it” […]

  • Deepak Chopra Quotes

    “…the Scientific discoveries show that the laws of physics themselves preclude us from intellectually getting in touch with the source.” “The more we understand the nature of the Universe, through ‘Science,’ the more we understand there is the ‘Unknown’ and there’s the “Unknowable.’ The ‘Unknowable’ because the Scientific discoveries show that the laws of physics themselves preclude […]

  • The Mythic Dimension

    If I were going to help Deepak in his argument with Leonard (Leonard Mlodinow) I might say: “Deepak, ask him whether he believes in the 4th dimension. After he says, ‘Yes,’ ask him to point to it.” He can’t. He can’t even imagine it. Our brains are incapable of even imagining it. They’re hard wired […]