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Category: Photos

  • The Most Beautiful Sunrise Photo I’ve Ever Seen

    This was posted this morning by Rosa Golijan, a senior editor and writer at msnbc.com. I believe she mostly covers tech. I guess that’s the Brooklyn Bridge. Look at the symmetry. I don’t know if she planned it, but the Sun is in that perfect “rule of 3rds” position, at least horizontally. Vertically, it looks…

  • I Met a Turtle This Morning

    Walking this morning with the dogs, we came across a turtle in the grass near the woods. I remember a friend of mine posted some photos recently of turtles, so I decided to sit down, take a break and see if I could snap him (no pun intended).  I like the last two the best…

  • Fall Red Leaves

    I used Auto Stitch on the iPhone. Hate how blurry it turned out. The individual photos aren’t. I think its because I began in the center. I should have started from one side or the other, I think for it to turn out better. Any thoughts on how to use Autostitch better?

  • The Sun Like The Moon

    Enough fog this morning to look directly at it. 93 million miles away and it’s as large in the sky as the Moon at a quarter million miles. A million Earths would fit in it. Every atom in our bodies was made in the very center of such a star. Amazing how literally acurate the…

  • Solar Eclipse Chongqing, Sichuan Province, China July 22nd 2009

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