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Category: Spiritual

  • Meditation: A Guide, Resource, and Encouragement

    “The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgment. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti I think about meditation a lot, and even as I write this, I realize the irony of that statement. Still, even after a long practice, one can become “jaded” and pretty soon even your meditation sessions can come to seem […]

  • What is Ego? Ego is Thought.

    “Becoming free of Ego means becoming free of thought, identification with thought. That’s the end of the Ego. It may reassert itself from time to time, but at least its the Awakening.” – Eckhart Tolle [video-link] When you read enough Mythology, fairy tales, and religion, you start to realize that the most important archetype, the […]

  • The Purpose of Mythology

    The purpose of mythology is to make you realize that your ego is keeping you from your destiny. Maybe we shouldn’t say “your” ego because that emphasizes the sense of separateness that the ego function engenders. The definition of ego is the belief, or rather, the sense that you are separate from the outside world, […]

  • How to Meditate – Post #3

    “Yoga [meditation] is the (intentional) stopping of the spontaneous activity of the mind stuff.” – Yogasutras 1.2 “Throw open the gates, put self aside, bide in silence, and the radiance of the spirit shall come in and make its home.” – Kuan Tzu, P’ien 36 “When you enlarge your mind and let go of it, […]

  • How to Meditate 1

    My own insight happened while I was meditating last week: It was the insight that you’re not trying to get rid of your thoughts, or stop thinking, but rather stop the attachment to the thought. Don’t let it move you emotionally. That way the thought can come and go without you emotionally reacting to it. […]

  • On Ego: The Labyrinth Metaphor

    The labyrinth in which the hero soul has become lost. That’s the place from which we are all starting. Did the ego build this labyrinth? Or is the labyrinth a metaphor for the ego itself? Those are interesting questions, but they aren’t nearly as interesting, practically speaking, as what the Wax String of Theseus stands […]