The Darkest Hour Comes


“I Miss You So” | A New Single

I Miss Her So by Stephen Pickering Download now or listen on posterous 01 I Miss Her So 1.mp3 (5016 KB) Posted via email from stephenpickering’s posterous

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Free mp3 Download: My Song “Through The Night”

Through the Night by spickeringlr Link to File. (Hover over the link and Right Click on Windows or Ctrl+Click on Mac to download to your computer, or you can just click the down arrow on the player above.) I think the production quality on this one is good enough to enjoy on your mp3 player,…

First Iphone Video

OK, I should have had the camera in landscape mode instead of portrait. That’s why its the first. Live and learn.

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It Looks Like Love

Looks Like Love Field recording cover of a Josh Rouse song, It Looks Like Love, off his album Subtitulo. Oh wow, now that I listen to it, its pretty rough. I think I used a webcam mic. Maybe I shouldn’t have posted it (vanity!), but what the hey, it’s quaint.

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Brand New Josh Rouse Song Never Heard Before “Cotton-Eye Joe”

Twitter’s newest ad platform: Here’s a brand new Josh Rouse song, coming on his new album (don’t know the title) called “Cotton-Eye Joe” [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Josh Rouse – Cotton-Eye Joe” dl=”0″] Link to Download: Right Click and select ‘Save As’ UPDATE: 6-23-09 This MP3 is fine quality now. All I had to do is open…