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Category: Languages

  • How to say “Just Now” in Brazilian Portuguese

    You say, “Agora um pouco” which is literally “Now a little.” Make sense? As in “Eu tomei um banho agora a pouco.” = “I took a shower just now.”   How to say “What have you been doing?” O que voce andou fazendo?  

  • Portuguese Word of the Day: Espairecer

    Espairecer – To unwind, as in relaxing An example sentence would be: Irei espairecer “I will go to relax.” As in going on a vacation to relax or a concert. Some recreational activity. Now if I only knew how it sounded, I would record an example! Maybe one of my Brazilian amigas will help me…

  • Portuguese Lessons

    I’m going to go back over my Pimsleur Brasilian Portuguese lessons 1,2, and 3 again for a refresh. This will take about 90 days. I’ll mark each lesson I finish here, so as to motivate and keep me on track. Also as I learn new phrases or the proper way to say things from other…