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Category: Words and Phrases

  • Literary Writer’s Word of the Day: Forecourt

    I just realized that in the example I just read it’s mostly a British English usage. “Garage forecourt” is simply the area in front of a gas station where the pumps are. Of course it sounds better in the British version. I was going to try and use it in something I’m working on now, […]

  • Writer’s Word of the Day: Owlish

    I settled into it until I was certain, then upped the tempo and went on by her in a long sprint finish, was clinging to the ladder when she arrived, feeling less like a beached blowfish than on other days. “Well now!” she gasped, looking startled and owlish.” John D. MacDonald, “Bright Orange for the […]

  • Uses of the Word Wry and Wryly

    “To her friends in law or medical school she would declare wryly: I’m downwardly mobile.” – Best American Short Stories 2016, “Gifted” by Sharon Solwitz, p. 241 “She applied and was admitted to art school and earned not only her degree in design but the love of her department head, twelve years older than she […]