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Category: Food & Wine

  • The Best Italian Food in Los Angeles

    Dan Tana’s on Santa Monica Blvd. Listen to Joe Rogan talk about it below. This is written in the middle of this unbelievable pandemic. So let’s it’s still open by the time you or I or anyone is able to try it out.

  • Great Places to Eat in Arkansas

    Great Places to Eat in Arkansas

    I saw a Facebook friend of mine post that he was at Taylor’s steakhouse. I’d never heard of it, so I figured he was in another state. Nope. He was in Dumas. Everybody in the comments was raving about the place. Ever since I got back from Charleston, Little Rock has seemed like a Wasteland…

  • The Best Wine to Have with Turkey

    “This would be an outstanding Turkey wine” – John C. Dvorak Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2009, according to John Dvorak, a noted wine expert. He also notes that 2009 is known to be the best year for Beaujolais since the 1940’s. So, if you are considering a wine for Thanksgiving, you might check it out. The snippet of…

  • Lose Weight By Eating What You Love

    a guest post by Debbie Brodsky. Write Debbie! [email protected] Start by picking the size you want to be – who says you have to be a size 0 or even 2 or a 4. What is wrong with size 6 or 8 for women? Keep in mind that you will not be dieting! There are…

  • XXL Restaurant: Shanghai


  • Why Oolong is the Best Tasting Chinese Tea

    Xiaoyan (Little Sparrow), a Sichuan girl originally from Chongqing, now residing and working Guandong Province, cultivating some of the most beautiful orchids one has ever seen, is a friend of mine. We talk about all things culturally related, and especially love to converse on the similarities and differences in Eastern and Western culture and tastes.…