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Category: Audio

  • Song of the Day: The Western Isles by Josh Rouse

      Update 05/22/13 : I just heard Josh do a live interview/ 3 song session on a Radio station in London. He did play this song, so I listened closely to the lyrics during the refrain/bridge part. Sounds like I got the “Black Greece Tea” part right. I guess there is such a thing as […]

  • Song of the Day: Ain’t Even Done With the Night – John Mellencamp

    Update 9/26/20 — Hey Friends! I will eventually get around to posting a video me performing this song, but I have to admit my vocals are too weak. I have been since last summer taking singing lessons, practicing exercises, and they do work! I believe anyone can learn to sing as long as their ear […]

  • Chords and Lyrics for Julie (Come Out of the Rain) by Josh Rouse

    You capo the 4th fret to play these chords. Here’s a diagram of the chord voicings in this photo to the right. I included, at the bottom of the page, a video of him playing it live where I was able to catch the chords. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get them right by ear, […]

  • Michigan

    I recently made two different covers of the Josh Rouse song, “Michigan.” The first I made on the iPad with Garageband. I played the Spanish guitar and sang into the the little pinhole microphone. Then I added some “smart” instruments, bass, drums. So this one is done basically in “click” time, but I still think […]

  • Considering an Investment in Pandora ($P) in Light of Spotify, Rdio, and Songza

    I really fell in love with Pandora a year or two ago. I think the market cap was treading around 2 billion. I told myself that if the Market Cap hit 1.5 billion, I’d make an investment. Well, I haven’t logged it, but it seems like it must have bounced off 1.5 billion about 7 […]

  • Suburban Sweetheart

    Cover of the Josh Rouse tune “Suburban Sweetheart” I did on logic.   “Suburban Sweeheart” Lyrics by Josh Rouse Got a gift, hesitate Never make the same mistakes If you could only see the person If you could only reach the man yeah We could move back to the suburbs Rent a house, change our […]