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Category: Audio

  • How Long Will It Take Me From Song Idea to Release?

    Last night the idea came to me as a melody A-F#-D-A-C-B. I didn’t know what the notes were until I played it on the guitar and this is where the Snarkman was another blessing, since it identifies the notes as you are playing them. Then I was able to surmise that it was over a […]

  • Pre-Save My New Single “It’s Nowhere” on Spotify


  • How to Delete All Songs from iPhone Quickly

    “Connect your iPhone to iTunes, go to the Music tab and uncheck Sync Music and press Apply to resync.” – from “Randers4 on the Apple Support Forums. (This worked for me and took only a couple minutes, even with 2000 songs, to complete). Man, iTunes is just crazy, and drives me crazy.  But anyway, the […]

  • Chords and Lyrics for The Happiness Waltz by Josh Rouse

    “The Happiness Waltz” by Josh Rouse title track from the album “The Happiness Waltz” Eb Spring, spring, Winter’s sting Abmaj7 Is gone. /                       Eb Tomorrow I’ll be new. Eb Salt wind /                          Abmaj7 […]

  • Song of the Day: A Song to Help You Sleep – Josh Rouse

    Man, chose a doosey today! Musically it’s easy. Just a lot of lyrics to memorize. That’s the irony: The hard ones musically tend to have easy lyrics and vice versa. Oh well. What was the spark that made me choose this one? I was sitting around last night watching TV, strumming some chords, and out […]

  • Song of the Day: “Imaginary Girl” by The Silver Seas

    Actually I’ve learned a couple others since the last “Song of the Day”, but they both took a couple or three days for the lyrics to really sink into  the “officially” memorized zone, and by that time, like the irony of life itself, I sort of lose interest in them, and end up not blogging […]