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Category: 1 Minute Tips

  • How Women and Men are Different and How This Awareness Can Help Your Life

    Women are born multi-taskers. Men are built to focus like a laser on one thing. By multi-tasking women bring forth their clarity of purpose, and by focusing men bring forth a sort of ability to “do it all” and “be many places at once.”It’s completely ironic and none of it is conscious. It’s emergent from […]

  • Three Pieces of Great Life Advice I Gleaned From Twitter Today

    Sounds weird right? Twitter is the negative capital of the world it would seem. It seems almost like a magnet for negativity and arguing. Boy, I spent too much of my life during the last decade engaging in both, and still do at times, although I’m much more conscious of it. #1 Chase Jarvis. I […]

  • How to Fix a Spotify Embed That’s Too Tall or Stretches Too Far Down the Page

    I just released a new single last week, and when I created a new post about it, which included a Spotify embed of the single, even though the embed only contained two songs it stretched all the way down the page. When I google searched for a solution, I came to this page: Spotify embeds […]

  • The Best Romantic Relationship Books According to Whitney Cummings

    Getting to ‘I Do’ by Pat Allen — [Google Search Link] Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix [Link] Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow by Marnia Robinson [Link] This info was shared from Whitney’s appearance on Nikki Glaser’s Sirius XM show “You Up,” which is a lot of fun to watch in and of itself.

  • Inspiring Quotes for the Creative

    “Don’t be afraid to be obsessed.” Annie Leibovitz – from a Masterclass.com commercial just now (19:32hrs CST July 11th, 2019). “You become a writer by writing. There is no other way.” Margaret Atwood — from the very same Masterclass commercial as mentioned above. “I look for a tone. I look for that spark. Oooooooo! That’s […]

  • The Essence of the Marie Kondo KonMarie Decluttering Philosopy

    “When you pick up an item, feel it and think, ‘Does this make my heart skip a beat?’” – KonMarie, [Youtube Video Link] “In the KonMari Method even the contents of a drawer that is hidden away should spark joy in you.” – [12:08 Mark in NHK Video] “It is very important to choose what […]