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Author: Stephen Pickering

  • Poetic Fragment (Version 1.3)

    Sometimes you dream so hard The clocks of your mind begin To melt inside a Dali painting, And the continents of your heart collide, Pushing up mountains on which the hunter inside You searches for the sacred white deer. White mountains, white snow, white Buffalo, white sorrow; The land’s blood is white, and the white […]

  • Government Causes Credit Freeze

    And the Crisis is purely a fiction. I am listening to Bernanke in the background testifying in the Senate. None of this would be happening without the Mark to Market rule. None of it. 8% of mortgages have defaulted. Mark to Market has caused 100% of them to marked down creating billions of false, paper […]

  • Music From the Archives – “Inanna”

    “Inanna” (Right Click the Link to download song for free) Scrounging around a stack of CDs I found in some box or other. Some of them were recordings I made 5 years ago. This is one called “Inanna” I was reading “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” at the time and it seemed everything I […]

  • The Financial Crisis of 2008 was a Hoax

    Update: 3/30/13 – Wow, this article was written a long time ago, but political and economic shifts tend to play out over decades, so from that perspective, it’s not that old. Anyway, this story came across my Facebook newsfeed today. And I thought it was relevant, to this, one of my first blog posts, New […]