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Is There a Leaf Blowing in Nebraska?

Video shot last fall. Obviously I was listening to the Smiths on my Ipod at the time. Oh the joke is, the dogs will bark at anything, even if a leaf blows in Nebraska.


Resize GIF Animations for Your Site

That Columbia writing School ad to the right there was too wide to fit in my sidebar. I Googled how to resize it. Thought it would be an easy no brainer. Well, actually I tried it first with Picnik, a service I love and highly recommend, but with the GIF animation after I resized it, it came back as a frozen image, no animation and littered with dots. No go. Google came up with two online services that looked promising, but neither service would accept my file for some reason. Then I kept digging and found a freeware program called Imagemagick. But its like a command line program. I mean geeky to the nth degree. I downloaded it, but, hell, I couldn’t even figure out how to open a command line on this Mac. I’m sure its a wonderful product, but you got to be like a programmer to figure out how to make it work. It filled my disk space with about a hundred geeky files, but no where did I see where you could actually open the program!

Anyway this morning more Googleing, stumbled upon a message board, where someone posted the same question, and one guy answered:

I suggest to make it simple: <img width=”##” height=”##”>

Well, I really had no hope of it working because I’d tried the “align” tag a gillion different ways and nothing budged.

But I inserted it anyway to the right of the img src an Walla! And as you can see it worked! 2 days of head bashing, pulling my hair out, and one simple line of html does the trick!

Gotta give credit where credit is due. A certain Rokec on this message board here. Thanks Rokec, you rock! And Google of course, but in an ideal search engine this simple solution would have shown up on the top of results.

Hope this helps someone like me. Now if someone could tell me how to stop my 1 year old Mac to stop beachballing all the time I would much appreciate. Do I simply need more RAM? I’ve got 2 gigs. One would think that would be enough, but its taken me forever to write this one little post and its very frustrating.


1938media: My Mother, My Wife, Kirstie Alley, And Jenny Craig

By Loren Feldman and 1938media.

This guy Loren Feldman is funny as shit. I love this bit. Love his Mom’s NYC Jewish accent. Can’t get enough of it. Why does this remind me of Larry David? Is it a Jewish thing? The Canadians with their Humor, The British, and the Jews. Definitely top 3, maybe the only 3, not necessarily in any order.


Web 2.0, 3.0, or “Cubed”?

Web 2.0 was just a name given because it was like starting over after the dot com bust. I think FriendFeed is unquestionably the most killer app on the internet right now, next to Google search. Facebook is great also in the same sense that Amazon is, in that their core business models are old, but they constantly keep innovating, iterating with the changing landscape, mixing it up, not just keeping up, but leading the way. But I’ve only got one word for Twitter: Hubris. And that’s all I’ll say.
In the old days you could just slap down your business model, build your factory, and let it roll for 30 years. Look at the NY times. Perfect example. They just slap a replica of their old paper on the net and think they are forward thinking. Has their site even changed one bit in the last ten years? And they wonder why their business is dying?
Look at Hulu. They are just slapping TV onto the internet. Is that really interesting to anybody?
These days you’ve got to be constantly innovating as a company or die. Which means you have to be “into” it and not just there to make money. You can’t just slap your old company on the internet. You have to create a new internet centric company.
The other key problem is the Telco industry. You have monopolies that give poor service, don’t give a shit and charge you out the ass. It’s because the industry is so heavily federally regulated. If you had de regulation there, you’d have a multi gigabit two way connection, and a totally de centralized World that would unleash the greatest creative Golden Age mankind has ever seen, and the greatest creation of Wealth and Abundance FOR ALL the World has ever seen. And then as Blake said, everything will be seen for what it is, “infinite.”
This isn’t about Web 3.0, its about World 3.0 or World “Cubed” as is the Batelle/O’Reilly en vogue term currently.
This is an arms race to defeat the Gods, or rather, to unleash the God in us all. Yes, this will be a blog post. I’m a great writer (Uh Oh, Ego just collapsed my infinite wave function).

“And I’ve come for to see you.
And I’ve come for the rain.
You know livin’ is easy,
And I’m feelin’ no pain.
Doot do, do do do do, do do do doot do do….”
(Violins et Orchestra et al fade in and out) – Josh Rouse, “Cotten-Eyed Joe”


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My Poetry Poems

A New Poem: The Cross

The river flows uphill.
It isn’t magic.
Magic is when it flows downhill.

The arrow of time is pierced
by eternity

The man hanging is
the soul

The milk girl is dancing
The “Cotten-Eyed Joe”
on the gym floor of the mind
underneath which the oceans of the Cosmos
Splash applause and awake our Suns.
On the head of a pin, spinning,
she offers distance
heaven’s wooden bowl.

Living is easy.

And the Lady of our feet
washes the expression
of how things shalt be
from the Skull’s dead head
with the Water of Life.

Below the willowed valley’s flowery eyes
see without looking
reach without moving
teach without speaking,
and love without thinking.

Every time one of its olive branches whispers
the secret of secrets into the Mediterranean breeze,
a new life is born of virgin birth,
transcendently, through the middle of the true cross,
the heart.

©2009 Stephen Pickering