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Author: Stephen Pickering

  • The Secret of Success: Having Fun

    I’m having a blast. It’s really fun. I don’t know why… But it’s just been a joy. Conan O’Brien Jan. 12, 2020, “Nikki Glaser” 1:12 Why were you trying to find my extension?I have a friend who’s opening up a new restaurant in Soho and I was hoping you’d go with me.What?Do you want to […]

  • Golf Tips

  • Rumi Quotes and Poems

    This one makes me think of like the bodies’ organs, the intelligence of life itself which is below the pre-frontal cortex consciousness, but which has this ability to do, if you take it all the down to the quantum level, perhaps an infinite number of processes per second and seemingly without effort. This “without-effort” motif […]

  • Individual Brands are the Key Story in Media

    The whole “streaming wars” story is constantly debated. Netflix is my biggest holding and up to about three months ago, I thought it was going to take over the world! I even think there was a Barry Diller quote from that Allen & Co. conference where he said Netflix had already won. But then BAM! […]

  • Creativity

    Creativity brings the true self to the surface. It evokes the true self. I think that might be the symbology of the Al-addin’s magical genie. Not only is he stuck in a bottle for some thousand years, but then the bottle is in a deep underground cave. I need to go back and read it […]

  • The Message of Myth

    The message of myth is this: You as you know yourself are not the final term of your own being.  The great way has no gate. There are a thousand pathways to it.He who crosses the thresholdwalks the universe alone.  Wu Wei Art frees the spirit, but imprisons the psyche. Philosophy frees the psyche, but […]