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A New Song I Just Wrote called “Union Street”

The buildings can’t stand the heat
The true love is all we need
Gonna rise up and kill this weed
It’s the nature of the beast

So hold on
Just hold on
My love

Wanna take you to Union Street
Wanna get out out on our feet
I can treat you to something sweet
I can love you and never leave

And hold on ….

Oh when it seems like there’s a mission don’t play dumb
And when it seems like there’s a reason
That’s when you run

After answers the evening Sun
Wanna find out what’s been down
To our sweetheart who’s never come
Our own extention to a truth that’s wrong

To Hold on, just to hold on

And after you leave won’t be the same
After the flowers and the pouring rain
I could’ve kissed when what’s been done
I could’ve kissed you in the evening Sun

Hold on…..

{You need to take that when you’re done
‘Cause all the rabbits are on the run

You need to take that rabid smile down when you leave
Union Street…..

When you’ve crack that smile love’s left you when she says goodbye
It don’t take no mind of the teardrops that redden your eye
Or the mourning night, or the mourning night.

I wanna take you under the trees
I wanna take you down by the sea
I wanna get out of this town
I wanna see what’s going down

Follow me, c’mon and follow me….





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