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I recently made two different covers of the Josh Rouse song, “Michigan.” The first I made on the iPad with Garageband. I played the Spanish guitar and sang into the the little pinhole microphone. Then I added some “smart” instruments, bass, drums. So this one is done basically in “click” time, but I still think it came out sounding pretty good, considering the circumstances.

The second was done with more Professional mics and into Logic Pro on an iMac. I basically just played a steel acoustic and sang at the same time, no overdubs or click track. So it’s live and more natural.

So, two different sounds with the same song, but I kind of like them both for different reasons.

Now, if I could only do some of my own songs!



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One response to “Michigan”

  1. Test R. Testing Avatar
    Test R. Testing

    Hello Michigan,

    This is a Test. This is Houston speaking.

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