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A New Poem | “Pre-Nuptials


Imma gonna marry you
I can’t take it when eyes are so sullen and blue
I’m just not interested in pokin’ round this hay anymore
I’m interested in the stars and opening their spring bottom door

Take it slow
Let all the rest of it go
We’re gonna be a much happier Kannon
Workin all week saving up for the weddin’.

A horse of turnips and emerald glass
The neighbors will all sigh and wave as they pass
Who’s that button poking his nose through the glass?
Wait up too late and the fading lights will dimly ask.

Send him to Cancun we’ll sport the bill
His last shot at dancing getting a thrill
No mammas too tough to ask back her babe
We’ll leave so early so she won’t know ’til light we got away

Stay all night get drunk til dawn
Then fly back home and curl up on the lawn.
Babe hold on to the last string in the score
We’ll wrap it around the 12 headed monster bursting outta the sea’s silky floor.

No no don’t drink that sour old milk
We can’t chalk it up ’til we’ve sealed the deal.
I know, I know you want to be brought to the village door
Hear the reverend’s sacrament and the townsfolk roar.

The only life worth livin’ is just outside of town
The cityfolk sayin’ those bastards are clowns
I think back dark how cold it was
Christmas was soon the square was abuzz

Too brave to start
All strung out didn’t have no heart
As long as I was threatening I had to go
I wanted to see the ice caps crystalize in the snow.

I’ll never forget the tears you shed
Or the lives we led.
We’re brave souls in the nest we made
It’s all headed to hell, but at least we’ll have each other right up to the last day.

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