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Poem: “Together”


Each day they add
more marble to our wall,
but what is physically kept away
grows larger in the soul each day.
The lake is frozen.
Black Baikul.
Every time we take a glass from the garden,
the serpent grows another head.
The World doesn’t spin
when the rings inside her don’t extend.
What if we didn’t care
about being
lighter than air
caught in her cherubim’s hair?
For the magician in
the Vermontian woods,
below consciousness,
in a field,
keeps the wild
imbalance between us
Sun in the palm of our hands,
the German Mountain moves
us to tears.
The chariot lifts
the curtain of the night.
The gods hold court around the sacred tree
upon which all the stars dance.
Let us give everything away,
so that we may cup our hands and drink
her moonlight







One response to “Poem: “Together””

  1. Cornelius G. Cole Avatar

    ~ In the mind of a black man ~
    In the mind of a black man there are memories of our yesterdays of the pass. Our hard work leads us to temptation of unwanted gratitude, and pleasant achievements. All in all it’s what we thrive, and live for. What is a man with no thoughts of achieving his up most desires of the future, and what is a man if he sees no tomorrow in his pathway of life. God made our journeys in life to be achievable not to be breakable. There for we must run to achieve the unthinkable. Dreams of laughter, dreams of tears, dreams of sorrow, and of dedication are the dreams that will indeed find their way into our hearts, yet we must continue to march on a journey of continuance to achieve our dreams to the end. Brown eyes, blue eyes it doesn’t matter what color our eyes are or the color of our skin. All that really matters is where our journey ended us up at during our last breath of life. We try so hard to look at other people dreams trying to see through their eyes that we forget to look through our own eyes so that we can remember what it was that we had dreamed up for us, so that we can become even more of achievers in our own way of life’s journey. Black may be more beautiful on our skins, but in my mind I see breath taking achievable moments and more laughter’s to my heart as well as joy to my soul in my future. It doesn’t matter what I’ve done in my pass all that really matter is where I end up! That’s at the top of my achievements and to the top I go…

    Cornelius G. Cole
    The Golden Poet

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