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Fear = Holding to Your Ego

Above   are the figures of Angyou and Ungyou, which stand as gate guardians outside Japanese Buddhist temples. They look pretty scary don’t they? What they are, are symbols of one’s own fear, which if held onto keeps one’s psychologically out of the “Temple” which is the symbol of peace, joy, exuberance, beauty where the Buddha (your authentic self) sits under the tree of Immortal Life. One can choose to live life on “This Side of Paradise” or that. Fear is exactly attachment to your ego. In order to break this lock, one must dissolve the attachment. There are many practices to do this. I’ll talk about this more in future posts.

“That is a symbol of your own fear and holding to your ego which is what’s keeping you out of the Garden where the Buddha sits under the Tree (of Immortal Life) and his right hand says, “Don’t be afraid of those guys, come through”

“A transcendent energy consciousness informs the whole world and informs you.”

“The Hero is the one who responds to the call to adventure.”

“There’s something about the integrity of a life, and the world moves in and helps.” – Joseph Campbell

By the way, I think a good definition of Ego is the feeling, the sense of yourself being separate from others, from the world around you, from which you were born.






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