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Tag: Sonnets

  • 2 New Iambic Poems

    This first one is in iambic tetrameter with the structure of an English Sonnet: I lost you to Arabian nights: The god Apollo’s basketball. You had that day Queen Isis eyes.. Unfolding reddened fall leaves song. It does mean something here in snow. The M&#257rga flames the Firebird’s beak. Somehow it made me let you […]

  • A New Sonnet: Cape Arrow

    “Cape Arrow” One thing I do remember is the dance. Your river hair was flowing the magic nights. Steps guided by the heart’s inner lance. Our motion flew above the city lights. Remember fall among the yellow leaves? Our eyes reflected colors of the soul. Before we even knew we had the keys, Our fountain’s […]

  • Sonnet #6 in Iambic Tetrameter

    I don’t know why I turned away. I come to Athens to be born. The angel of goodbye will play Through even Aristotle’s horn. I will appear up from the sea. I am again borne by the tides. Will she agree to marry me? I like her wild, surprised green eyes. In soaking water I’ll […]

  • Sonnet #10 – “Awake in the Snow”

    I’ll follow you now through the Russian snow. For I’m afraid of nothing now you’re here. You’ve whisked away my driving need to know And blown a kiss that flies me past my fear. I want to see the moonlight fall on you. It feels like something’s rising from the woods. I live outside in […]