My Poetry Poems Sonnets

2 New Iambic Poems

This first one is in iambic tetrameter with the structure of an English Sonnet:

I lost you to Arabian nights:
The god Apollo’s basketball.
You had that day Queen Isis eyes..
Unfolding reddened fall leaves song.
It does mean something here in snow.
The M&#257rga flames the Firebird’s beak.
Somehow it made me let you go,
So silent beings now can speak.
I reach across the earth for you.
Across the universe I fly.
You’re under spellbound mountain dew.
Asleep by mirrors’ watchful eye.
Then something shakes the arch’s gate.
The colors open again Finn’s wake.

©2013 Stephen K. Pickering


This second one is a straight English Sonnet, having the structure and the 5 iambic feet per line, iambic pentameter:

It’s thought itself that’s separating us.
My little molecules are calling you.
So Jesus told the mountain, “Part to dust!”
And said let go, that you could do it too.
Transparent eyes that cover Western skies.
I hook the trailer hilt that pulls the sun.
I search for you each night on moonlight drives:
Some feeling in the heart that you’re the one.
You pulled me out of the beach’s seahorse sand.
And ponied up the soul for Daphne’s bed.
With wildest sleep we wake this magic land
Sing witches stirring lives from worlds we’ve banned.
The tea room veils the river’s bride in frost.
All calling for the princess who’s been lost.

©2013 Stephen K. Pickering


My Poetry Poems Sonnets

A New Sonnet: Cape Arrow

“Cape Arrow”

One thing I do remember is the dance.
Your river hair was flowing the magic nights.
Steps guided by the heart’s inner lance.
Our motion flew above the city lights.
Remember fall among the yellow leaves?
Our eyes reflected colors of the soul.
Before we even knew we had the keys,
Our fountain’s dream we danced around could flow.
I wonder what you thought about our song?
It echoes still, they say, that empty hall.
It tries to resurrect what seems long gone
A memory my heart will always call.
I sometimes think when walking down this street,
I’ll turn and somehow there again we’ll meet.


My Poetry Poems Sonnets

Sonnet #6 in Iambic Tetrameter

I don’t know why I turned away.
I come to Athens to be born.
The angel of goodbye will play
Through even Aristotle’s horn.

I will appear up from the sea.
I am again borne by the tides.
Will she agree to marry me?
I like her wild, surprised green eyes.

In soaking water I’ll be found.
My river loves the water blue.
I drink this love in which I drown
Forever swimming here with you.

We surface and what do we find?
That fairy hills are back alive.

©2013 Stephen K. Pickering


(04-18-13 I edited this today and changed some things. Threw out the original last stanza and closing two lines. They are here below. I’m gonna keep them around here on the blog post. If I ever make it into a musical song, I’ll need another stanza, and maybe another refrain.)

You are the burning flame that rose
But we can only feel the nail.
When spring azaleas colors explode,
Your spirit opens the sacred trail.

I need to be outside with you.
You’re soaked with Sun and morning dew.



My Poetry Poems Sonnets

Sonnet #10 – “Awake in the Snow”

I’ll follow you now through the Russian snow.
For I’m afraid of nothing now you’re here.
You’ve whisked away my driving need to know
And blown a kiss that flies me past my fear.

I want to see the moonlight fall on you.
It feels like something’s rising from the woods.
I live outside in mud and dressed in dew
With feeding flowers blossoming your buds.

You’re radiating fires below my thought.
The impulse for attention, let it go.
You’re  jewel even gods have always sought.
Your splendor singing silent songs of soul.

Let’s listen to the music from the stars
And know by giving up all this is ours.

©2013 Stephen K. Pickering