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The Most Beautiful Sunrise Photo I’ve Ever Seen

This was posted this morning by Rosa Golijan, a senior editor and writer at I believe she mostly covers tech.
I guess that’s the Brooklyn Bridge. Look at the symmetry. I don’t know if she planned it, but the Sun is in that perfect “rule of 3rds” position, at least horizontally. Vertically, it looks about in the middle, which is no matter, because the “rule of 3rds” is just a starting point, a jumping off point. But it’s just enough here, along with the color, the warm orange filling the whole frame, along with every part of the photo, from the river, to the sky, even the way the bridge is angled, everything seems to be flowing towards this focal point of the Sun. And that gives it a “3 D” effect, or more warmly, makes you feel like you are in the photo. And the real “Coup de Grace” is that perfectly straight, sword like, streak of Sun light that at the same time seems to come at you, and yet pull you in, and also act like a beam or a “ballast” that grounds the photo, not just in our eyes, or even our mind, but down into the soul.

Photo by Rosa Golijan:

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Fall Red Leaves


I used Auto Stitch on the iPhone. Hate how blurry it turned out. The individual photos aren’t. I think its because I began in the center. I should have started from one side or the other, I think for it to turn out better. Any thoughts on how to use Autostitch better?

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The Sun Like The Moon

Enough fog this morning to look directly at it. 93 million miles away and it’s as large in the sky as the Moon at a quarter million miles. A million Earths would fit in it. Every atom in our bodies was made in the very center of such a star. Amazing how literally acurate the myths are when the say we are it’s children. Who will be our Sun’s children? What will they do, who will they be, how will they feel? If digital is eternal will one of them happen to read this? I wonder if he’ll wonder how I felt just at this moment. Or is that moment and that one, and all the same?

My message? I think about you.

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