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  • 13 Little Known Google Search Features

    Welcome to New Zealand. Pictory takes you through what feels like a personal guided tour. Photographer: Michelle Choy
  • NeatImage – A plug in for Aperture and Photoshop that allows you to shoot at higher ISO’s and then it gets rid of the unnecessary artifacts.
  • FilterStorm – An iPhone App. $3.99. Great, intuitive photo editor for your iPhone. For instance if you have great shots that are too dark, it can magically fix them.
  • – Ever wanted to start your own email newsletter? This service handles everything, even if you want to charge for it. Plus it’s cool and developed by a cool entrepreneur, Phi Kaplan. Oh, also it’s free.
  • Dog Might Provide Clues on How Language Is Acquired – – I’m interested in languages and dogs.
  • GoogleArtProject – It’s like Google Street View for Museums. Ultra High Res Images. Makes you feel like your actually walking through these famous Museums.
  • Potterish – For all you Harry Potter freaks. This is the best site. It’s Brazilian. However is you use Chrome as your browser it’ll auto translate it for you, so you can still have fun.
  • Google Shopper iPhone App – This is super cool. Take photos or speak the name of items into the phone, and it automatically pulls up prices and reviews of products and all the stores both online and off where its available.
  • – It’s like a search engine for learning how to speak other languages. You type in a word in any language and it finds a recording of that word spoken by a native speaker. What’s more, it’s crowd sourced, so that you can become a contributor also.
  • Pictory – Photo “Stories” I really love this site. At first blush, it feels like a great way to take a “virtual” humanized photo tour of a place. For instance, the featured story on the site right now is of “New Zealand” and through the beautiful photos and little snippets of interesting stories about the place, you really get a good feel for the place. It’s better than any other “virtual” tour experience I’ve seen on the net. It’s fun and useful. That’s key.
    Photo Credit: Michelle Choy
    Photo URL Page:
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    How to Link Text in HTML

    OK, I know this is dumb. But mainly this post is for me. When I write things down, and especially in a public facing place like a blog, it helps me remember. Which goes to one of my tenants:

    A blog can simply be a repository of things you want to remember, and if that thing isn’t something private, it might possibly be also helpful to someone else.

    It’s kind of like that teaching is really a way for the teacher to remind themselves, or ditto for writers, although writers often have the extra benefit of learning while they write. One of the best arguments for writing is that (for folks who are “readers and writers” as opposed to “Talkers and Listeners”) writing is the best educational instrument there is. Writing is the best, most efficient way to learn.

    Anyway on to the subject.

    How to Link Text in HTML

    You simply wrap your text with the “a” tag in this code:

    <a href=”insert your link here“>this would be your text</a>

    Simple as that, but today I had to “hot” link some text, and I wrote href=”” and forgot the “a” tag. Had to “Google” the code for the billionth time. Sick of that. Felt like I needed to remember simple code that I use all the time without having to Google it all the time. So you see linking is essentially an “a” tag with that little “href=” bit added in there also you must make sure your link is in quotation marks.

    So here’s for helping me learn writing and blog. Maybe one day I can learn the code to make this blog look prettier and sparkle!

    Have any questions? Who knows, if I can figure out your problem, maybe I’ll learn something.