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Tag: Healthcare Reform

  • You Go, Blanche Lincoln!

    3 Democrats Could Block Health Bill in Senate – NyTimes.com United States Senator Blanche Lincoln 355 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg., Washington, D.C.  20515 Office:  202-224-4843; Fax:  202-228-1371. Hi, I want to go on record as supporting Sen. Lincoln in being AGAINST the Health Care Bill. I believe real Health Care reform could be accomplished by […]

  • The Solution to Health Care

    In 1989 after the Berlin Wall came down, Boris Yeltsin, then Russia’s President, immediately handed over his countries largest industries to a handful of oligarchs. We all know what happened after that. One part of the Russian economy blossomed and was a raging bull market in the late 90s. Anybody who owned a Russian or […]