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  • Cool Full Length Movies Streaming Free on Youtube

    John Huston’s Beat the Devil (1953) Roger Ebert’s Review Sita Sings the Blues (2009) Roger Ebert’s Review

  • Midnight in Paris: The Music of the Night

    Metaphorical Themes It’s a common theme, maybe the most important theme, of Fairy Tales and Mythological stories: when the Hero or Heroin answers the “Call” to adventure,” magical helpers show up seemingly out of nowhere. What is that a metaphor for? Similarly in this story, when Gil answers his own inner call to walk the…

  • What to Watch on Netflix Instant

    4/8/13 @netflix rec: ROMAN HOLIDAY. Can a movie succeed on charm alone? The answer is: Audrey Hepburn. #netflix365 — Mark Duplass (@MarkDuplass) April 9, 2013   Update: 12/28/12 – “Woody Allen.” This is a fantastic documentary, certainly a must watch for his fans, and fans of comedy and film in general. I wasn’t ever going…