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Tag: Arkansas

  • LSU 41 Arkansas 17: Emotionally Stunned

    LSU is a better team than we are. LSU is better than anybody, except perhaps Alabama. Having said that, we are a better team than how we played the last quarter of yesterday’s game, or for that matter the last 2 & 1/2 quarters when we were outscored 41-3 after taking a stunning 14-0 lead […]

  • Arkansas Wine Is Absolutely Outstanding!

    Well, of course, I will emphasize that he said, “Some of it” not “All of It,” but I’ll take that! I was listening to TWIT, and John C. Dvorak, who is a wine Conasieur, said this about Arkansas Wine. Well, being from Arkansas, I was taken aback. Right here in my own “back yard” is […]