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Category: Economics

  • The Solution to Health Care

    In 1989 after the Berlin Wall came down, Boris Yeltsin, then Russia’s President, immediately handed over his countries largest industries to a handful of oligarchs. We all know what happened after that. One part of the Russian economy blossomed and was a raging bull market in the late 90s. Anybody who owned a Russian or […]

  • One of My Senators Just Co-Sponsored the Bill to Audit the Fed!

    I was so excited. This is the email I wrote to her: “Dear Senator Lincoln,Thank you for sponsoring S.604. Perhaps the largest problem in our and the World’s economy is an unstable unit of account, the wild swings in the value of our money. The sole charter of the Fed is to stabilize our unit of […]

  • We Need A Gold Standard for Economic Prosperity

    (Two email letters I sent concerning this subject) March 22nd, 2009 Dear Adam Curry (@adamcurry), Ending inflation and deflation is very simple. All that has to happen is for the Fed to keep the dollar/gold ratio in a tight range by printing dollars when the price of gold gets too low (ie 1997, $10 barrel […]

  • Government Causes Credit Freeze

    And the Crisis is purely a fiction. I am listening to Bernanke in the background testifying in the Senate. None of this would be happening without the Mark to Market rule. None of it. 8% of mortgages have defaulted. Mark to Market has caused 100% of them to marked down creating billions of false, paper […]

  • The Financial Crisis of 2008 was a Hoax

    Update: 3/30/13 – Wow, this article was written a long time ago, but political and economic shifts tend to play out over decades, so from that perspective, it’s not that old. Anyway, this story came across my Facebook newsfeed today. And I thought it was relevant, to this, one of my first blog posts, New […]