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  • My New Song “Thank You Day and Night” is Out Today

    My New Song “Thank You Day and Night” is Out Today

    On all the major streaming platforms as well as iTunes and Youtube. It’s another soft rocker. Here’s how I described the vibe to Spotify: “Meditative ballad about harmonizing the transcendental nature of our subjective feelings and thoughts with the realities of life.” Apple Music Thank You Day and Night Lyrics: Thank you day Thank you […]

  • Just Released a New Single “A Magic Lake”

    Just Released a New Single “A Magic Lake”

    My new single “A Magic Lake” went live today on all digital platforms. Spotify: Apple Music: Youtube Music: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=blXM0cN8Zk0&feature=share Regular Youtube: This Hypeddit Landing page has links to most of the places it is available for streaming or purchase. The top two, Spotify and Apple Music, I think account for something like 90% of music […]

  • Just Released Two New Songs On Spotify

    My latest single just dropped on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, really every streaming platform on Earth by way of Distrokid. It’s also on regular old Youtube. It’s called “Just for a Moment,” and the B-Side is “Union Street (Hold On).” Give me a listen, like, and follow if you’re a fan.

  • My New Song “Sloan River” Released Today

    My New Song “Sloan River” Released Today

    “Sloan River,” a tune that came to me almost exactly on this day in 2019, was finally released today. I say finally. Really, it was one of those rare ones that just came all at once, even pretty much the lyrics. If, back then, I was thinking like I am now, I would have chased […]

  • Literary Writer’s Word of the Day: Forecourt

    I just realized that in the example I just read it’s mostly a British English usage. “Garage forecourt” is simply the area in front of a gas station where the pumps are. Of course it sounds better in the British version. I was going to try and use it in something I’m working on now, […]

  • Writer’s Word of the Day: Owlish

    I settled into it until I was certain, then upped the tempo and went on by her in a long sprint finish, was clinging to the ladder when she arrived, feeling less like a beached blowfish than on other days. “Well now!” she gasped, looking startled and owlish.” John D. MacDonald, “Bright Orange for the […]

  • My Latest Single “It’s Spring” Dropped Today

    My Latest Single “It’s Spring” Dropped Today

    My new single “It’s Spring” was released today via Distrokid which means it should be available just about everywhere you stream your music or buy digital downloads. It’s also on Youtube which I’ve embedded below. The track was written and recorded at the beginning of April 2021. I wish I had written in my notes […]

  • The Symbolic Meaning of April Is the Cruelest Month

    “April is the cruelest month” — My first impulse when I hear this, is that nature becomes so beautiful so much what a fairy-tale or magical mythology looks, feels, and tastes like, that it fools you more or less into thinking you are on the right track to embark on an adventure of an everlasting […]

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